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The minimum membership contingencies are:

  1. You must be at least 55 years old to live in this park.
  2. All new applicants must apply for membership.
  3. You have passed a formal background check with our investigation partners.
  4. You must agree to abide by Park Governing Documents
  5. You must own a mobile home in the park.
  6. You must purchase a Share of the Corporation at the current price level; this is a resident-owned park.
  7. You must sign our Proprietary Lease.

The total price to become a member of this park is the sale price of the mobile home plus the current price of a Share of the Corporation, plus any closing costs and/or fees.

If you require additional information or wish to schedule a viewing, please complete the Purchaser Application. 


Sales Team

     Tina Gwizdowski, Chair   1-716-998-2805
     Pat McDonnell                1-347-925-5532
     Janet Howell                  1-302-260-2422

     Email:  [email protected]


Unit 76        Two-bedroom, one-bath   $63,000 + share