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NOTICE: This is a 55+, NO PETS, resident-owned park.
The minimum membership contingencies are as follows:

  1. You must be at least 55 years old to live in this park.
  2. You have passed a formal background check with our investigation partners.
  3. You must agree to abide by Park Governing Documents
  4. You must own a mobile home in the park.
  5. You must purchase a Share of the Corporation at the current price level.
  6. You must sign our Proprietary Lease.
  7. All new applicants must apply for membership.

The total price to become a member of this park is the sale price of the mobile home plus the current price of a Share of the Corporation, plus any closing cost and/or fees.

If you require additional information or wish to schedule a viewing, please complete the Application to Purchase (Apply Here). 

Please fill out this application completely and submit it to the President of the Board of Directors. By submitting this application, you acknowledge that the information submitted is correct to the best of your knowledge and that if any part is proven to be false, your application will be rejected.

Sales Team

            Edna Weber  1-615-516-2580
            Janet Howell 1-302-260-2422
            Nelson Kinney (Summer)  1-603-918-0280
            Or, via our email at: [email protected]


Unit 25      One bedroom, one bath     Asking $22,000 + share  <select here>